First Baptist Church of Gaston
Sunday, August 30, 2015
First Baptist Church of Gaston ~ "The Caring Place"
121 Oakey Springs Drive, PO Box 309, Gaston, SC 29053
803 794.0377 ~ 

Reminder to members…please bring plenty of food for your family plus extra for our visitors. Maybe you have a specialty dish you would like to “show off” at Homecoming…please feel free to bring it.  We will be more than happy to "taste test" it for you!!

 Exciting News!!!

Purchase of Additional Property for the Church!!

The Church unanimously voted in conference on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 to approve a joint recommendation presented from the Property and Space Committee, Church Trustees, Deacons, and the Administrative Business Council to purchase the property across the street in front of our church. The map below shows the outline of this property.  The price for the property is $58,000.

Our church will be conducting various funding efforts to pay this off in a timely manner. This year’s Homecoming Special Offering is going to be applied directly to the purchase price.

In the next few weeks we ask that you and your family arrive at a decision on what you can financially commit to help with this purchase.  Our goal is to raise the total amount by or before the end of the year! We can do it!

As a family or individually, how can we arrive at a decision to how much we can give? First, pray for the Lord’s leadership in deciding the amount of your commitment. The Lord will not lead you to a commitment without helping you to keep it.

Second, decide to forgo something, however worthy, in order to participate sacrificially and generously in support of this step to insure we have space to grow in the future.

Third, experience the joy of being a part of the body of Christ as we unite together to meet our goal!